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Pro Coil

Pro Coil

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Pro Coil (TM) is an awesome new product we have come up with to secure your camera to what ever when ever. Pro Coil (TM) is available in tether coil and wrist coil versions. Tether coil attaches to any base object you would like in our out of the water. The Pro Coil wrist leash delivers maximum control and protection for your investment. Both are 100% USA made by hand because people need jobs and machines don't! Bullet proof urethane coil and mega comfort NEO wrist band allows you to catch the action or become a part of it. 30 day limited warranty on all coils. Don't lose it, just Pro Coil it!

 Each order gets 1 Pro Coil Wrist leash in 15" comp coil.

Great for Surfing, Bodyboarding, Skimboarding, BMX, Moto X, Skateboarding, Bodysurfing, SUP or what ever tickles your fancy in or out of the water.

Camera not included! Will work great with any action camera set up. We recommend attaching leash directly to your camera if possible.

Action photography is an inherently dangerous activity. It can kill or hurt you real bad. Cartel and all companies affiliated are released from liability upon purchase of this product. This product can help save your camera but NOT YOU!


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