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Retro Groovy by Cartel ®

Retro Groovy by Cartel ®

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All new Cartel Retro Groovy 109 model

Dow core with PE deck wrap Square tail and PE bottom
wrap rail  43" x 12 1/4" x 22"@ 19" x 18 1/4" & 2.5" thickness with
2 new school stringers. 

Re discover the reason you got into the sport in the 1st place on the all new/old Cartel Groovy 109. Why bang up that collectors item from your collection when you can feel the stoke with an up graded version of an old friend. Before bodyboarding turned into marketing there was a way to enjoy waves with flex and groove. Well here at Cartel we fell back in love with why we started riding and you now can too. At a great price this is a must have for your quiver for those days you gotta just go triple OG on the break.
While others push forward we just went back to a time where it was all about the stoke and not the ego but we added a little new school flair with stringers to hold up to better conditions. Not go flex your brains out in shore break to the point and get one today....
With Old School performance in mind that got the whole bodyboard and soft surfboard game started we stepped up the game, Slick skin was brought into the game to do lack of over flex factor. With the innovation of stringers we are bringing back your long lost friend but with enhanced performance stiffness with that feel you have come to love and what the whole sport was built on. Check out the Soft Bottom Technology we got going on and you will see it is must for those quick barrel take off and smooth hard carves you have been missing for years.!!!!! 




“WARNING” Bodyboarding and Flowboarding are inherently dangerous extreme sports. Cartel and all affiliated companies are released from any liability upon purchase of this board. You may be seriously injured or killed using any surf product so please use our products responsibly.

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